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Kathryn Hill is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California (CA. #25653). Additionally, she provides services as a consultant and personal life coach in the state of Nevada.

She has worked with couples, individuals and families since 1980. Having trained with Dr. Carl Whitaker, a revered pioneer of family therapy, Kathryn’s orientation is compassionate and engaged.

In addition to maintaining a private practice, Kathryn’s work experience includes positions as the Bereavement and Spiritual Care Coordinator for Tahoe Forest Hospice and as the Program Manager for the Tahoe branch of Sierra Mental Wellness Group.

She is a Senior Associate of the Lomi School, an innovator in the field of somatically-based psychotherapy. Kathryn has taught as Esalen Institute and City University. Currently, Kathryn focuses her years of experience in the field as the Director of Behavioral Health and a senior clinician for Sierra County Health and Human Services.



 “Kathryn Hill was my therapist through multiple life adjustments including the birth of my second child, moving into a new home and community and the consequent on-going struggles with family members. Each time I met with her I was able to work through various life changes with a better understanding of how I was being affected.

“Kathryn’s calmness, wealth of knowledge, Jungian perspective as well as concrete and logical feedback was exactly what I needed to continue to participate in the many facets of my life from a centered and empowered place.”

“Kathryn is indeed “one of the best”. I am forever grateful for the wisdom, kindness, non-judgmental and safe environment she provided.”
—Nina Nazimowitz, M.A., LMFT CA #52457, NV # 01210

 “I have had the great pleasure of working with Kathryn in an effort to serve a full spectrum of psychiatric outpatients in our community mental health center. Kathryn possesses a unique skill set that embraces both the art and science of healing, and an empathic capacity that is exceptional. I am honored to have the opportunity to endorse her work.”
—Tom Bittker, MD Adjunct Professor University of Nevada School of Medicine

 “’In sickness and in health’ For better or for worst” Kathryn counseled us as a married couple and as a family during the most challenging of times. Our vows are lived vows. We are now a stronger and more loving family because of her guidance and support.”
—R. Richardson

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