Kathryn provides compassionate and engaging psychotherapy and life coaching for individuals, couples and families who wish to explore relationship issues which touch the core of your hopes and longings.


Services Provided:

  • Relationship Issues
  • Trauma and Abuse Issues
  • PTSD
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Grief and Loss
  • Work and Career Issues
  • Stress Management
  • Parenting and Family Issues
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Aging and Life Cycle Issues

For those individuals wishing to explore and resolve issues that are holding them back. We work as a collaborative team to define your goals and realize your dreams. We work to develop new skill sets which increase the self-confidence to make harmonious life transitions and pursue your life as you envision it. Together, we focus on what works and eliminate what doesn’t work so you are free to shift to a direction that reflects your values and life purpose.

Family Wellness

The Family Wellness program offers a clear and insightful way of skillfully negotiating the challenges of family life. Despite a heart filled with love and their very best efforts, many parents have experienced this challenge be completely bewildering if not outright overwhelming. The information provided in the FAMILY WELLNESS program serves to strengthen, uphold and empowered individuals, couples and families in their quest for healthy and fulfilling relationships.

Parenting and relationship issues can be addressed in private consultation for individuals and couples, family meetings, or support groups for mothers. Additionally, lecture presentations are available to mother’s groups and parenting organizations.

Topics addressed include:

  • Ready, Set Go: A new baby, a new parent, a new way of life.
  • 1-2-3-The Toddler Years
  • Parents in Healthy Families
  • Couples in Healthy Families
  • As Children Grow: Change in Healthy Families
  • Life Transitions: Addressing the Changing Needs of Aging Parents.
  • Loss and Grief: Supporting Yourself and Your Children during a Time of Loss


Parenting 411

Support Groups for Moms:

  • Come with your questions, concerns and personal challenges.
  • Minimum of 4 moms per group.

Body Oriented Therapy

Lomi Work

In the formative years of life, human beings necessarily come to embody the beliefs and postures of their individual family systems and the culture into which they are born. Many unconsciously continue to shape their lives in reaction to these influences, often at the expense of their own creativity and vitality. For many, it comes to seem ordinary and natural to feel suspicion toward, and vigilance against, the richness, diversity and complexity of life experience. This loss fosters suffering.

Lomi Work is a process of body-centered therapy and education in which the body is used as a vehicle for self-knowledge. This work creates a focused environment in which we can observe how we feel, think, and move ourselves through life. Lomi Work incorporates physical touch, the use of breath and movement, and interpersonal contact as ways of directing attention to our physical, emotional and spiritual vitality.

By learning to attend to what we actually experience in our bodies, moment to moment and by distinguishing between sensation and the thinking process, we open to reclaiming authenticity and personal dignity. Through the process of developing awareness, we become a to make responsible choices in our daily lives and to live with integrity and gentleness.

Lomi School: Founded in 1970, the Lomi School helped to pioneer methods to investigate the relationship between the physical body and psychological experience. Initially an experiment in joining Western psychological disciplines, new approaches to body awareness, and traditional Eastern meditation practices, Lomi Work has matured into a focused, yet flexible style of somatic therapy.

Life Transitions

HIDE AND SEEK: On-going Therapy Groups and Workshops for Survivors of Childhood Abuse

To endure the trauma of abuse a child learns a variety of important survival skills, not the least of which is hiding. Over time she unknowingly focuses her intuitive radar toward one end: not getting caught. Thus seeking to preserve an elemental sense of integrity in an impossible situation, she demonstrates a remarkable-and crucial-resourcefulness.

But there’s a downside. Succeeding at not getting “caught” invariably involves concealing her wanting, her desiring, her eagerness to give and receive love and caring. The hyper-vigilance through which she survived childhood becomes a barrier to connecting in satisfying ways with her adult self, and with others. The hiding place becomes her adult body, where she “forms around” and lives out her humiliation, rage and grief. Eventually her life appears as a repetitive and seemingly futile search for joy, spontaneity, trust and real contact with herself and others: life-affirming qualities which, in childhood, necessarily took a back seat to survival.

My aim as a leader is to create a focused environment that allows us to work through these dynamics in a safe and supportive social context: participants will have the opportunity to observe and enact how we feel, think, and move ourselves through life. Reclaiming the body as home for passion and soul opens new doors to the deepest realization of all-that our lives belong to us.

Pet Grief

The death of a beloved pet can be a very difficult time. Many pet owners are surprised and confused by the depth of their grief for their pet. You do not need to suffer alone through this special kind of loss. Help is available for bereaved pet owners and their families. Support provided by a trained and caring professional can provide comfort and relief.